To Matt and Sara

It’s on my mind so I’m going for it. An open letter to Sara Stueve and Matt Stueve.

You are so on my mind tonight. I have watched with interest and a smile, your posts from the museums, your photos of the Liberty Bell, Philly Cheesesteaks, Benjamin Franklin, etc and have loved it.

Image may contain: outdoorI am so so thrilled that you were able to make this trip that meant so much to you. Now tomorrow you board a bus and travel to DC for the March. I am so proud of you for following your convictions and spending the time and money to participate in something you truly believe in. I lived through the 60s. I understand.

But the “mom” in me now implores you to please be careful. I know that your group is not a violent one. But unfortunately there are crazies out there who care about nothing more than making a mockery of the democratic principles of freedom of speech, etc. They have no real convictions. Just a desire to instigate violence and perpetrate vandalism. So please hold on to each other and be safe. We are so looking forward to hearing about this experience and sharing it with you. Have a great day. Love you both.