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Several years ago, at the time of my retirement, I started this blog…my third since taking up blogging. It was entitled “Out of the Frying Pan” and was created to chronicle this new life adventure. It was a celebration of my long-awaited freedom and the opportunity to spend more time with my semi-retired husband, Ken. It was about our attempt to reinvent retirement and shatter the outdated, stereotypical view of the person that people visualize when they think of retirees. We created new adventures, visited new places, developed new interests and hobbies and just learned to enjoy life on a whole new level. But, several years have passed since then, and retirement has ceased to feel like a “new” adventure.

We watched an interview on TV last fall, however, which planted a seed for Ken. He has talked about it many times since then, and has shared it with other people. This past week-end, we decided to take the plunge. We are no longer just reinventing retirement. We are reinventing life!! And, so begins the story of A Man and His Dog.

It all began when we heard the story of  Eric O’Grey, author of Walking With Peety: The Dog Who Saved My Life.  Eric was an overweight man who, over the years,  had fallen victim to a sedentary and basically unhealthy lifestyle. Then, one day, Eric’s doctor wrote him a surprising prescription…to adopt a shelter dog. He did it…and from that moment, his life was changed forever.

Last week-end, we went to a doggy adoption event, sponsored by Noah’s Hope Animal Rescue. For several years I had been saying that if we ever got a dog, I would love to have a Golden Doodle. Saturday morning, we received a text from our daughter, Michelle, saying that she was out at Petsmart and that Noah’s Hope had a Golden Doodle up for adoption. We decided to go out and take a look, and, within about an hour, we were the proud adoptive parents of Santana, the Golden Doodle. The poor thing had spent her life in a puppy mill and was just starved for love and attention. She has some health issues and is completely untrained. She needs Ken and he needs her. They are going to be so good for each other. Obviously, I am part of this family too and will love and care for her as well. But, this story is about A Man and His Dog…and how they were meant for each other.

I would love to have you join us as I chronicle this journey. It can be found at A MAN AND HIS DOG


adoption day


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