I really love our new life. Oh yes, we SOOO miss the days when our entire lives revolved around the kids and their acticvities. But that doesn’t last forever as much as we would like it to. Today, we have our own interests and activities, usually culminating in the evening with cooking a healthful and delicious dinner, followed by enjoying that dinner and engaging in conversation.

Tonight it was about our dreams. I finished my book earlier this summer…a culmination of my dreams. But the idea of publishing it still waits in the wings. And Ken, years ago now, began work on writing and possibly recording some music. He is very good. We talked about the importance of him continuing to research and pursue that dream just as it is important for me to continue to research mine I still have one contract on my desk but am now, once again looking at options. And, Ken has retreated to his office and his guitar, hopefully with renewed interest in pursuing his.

You are NEVER too old to chase your dreams. Hopefully we AND you never forget that. Ken Stueve


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