Retirement Favorites – 8 Big Things and a Few Extras

I recently discovered An Encore Voyage – A Journey of reinvention and discovery. It is SO me I am amazed. Thought I would share this particular post and hope you enjoy it as much as I.

An Encore Voyage

These are a few of my favorite things

A couple of days ago, I had lunch with two of my gal pals.  One is just beginning her second year of retirement. The other, a school district employee, has met the “Rule of 90” qualifications for retirement, but as yet is still working for the district.  In our conversation, as the two of us told the third about the things we missed about working (mainly, teaching children and spending time with our adult colleagues), I found myself trying to convince the third friend that she really should consider retiring.  We discussed the need for insurance benefits and the fear of boredom, and of spending too much time with our spouses.  We chatted and laughed and caught up on all the insider scoop of the school district, and then gal number three asked,

“What is your favorite thing about retirement?”

It would have been easy to give her a smart-assed…

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2 thoughts on “Retirement Favorites – 8 Big Things and a Few Extras

  1. Cathy, I am honored! While I am not a survivor myself, my sister is a 20 year breast cancer survivor! So you are truly just getting started on your voyage! You are right, we are soooo alike, it’s a bit scary. Time for a Friday evening glass of wine! Cheers to you, and thank you again!

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