Last week I spent some time talking about the ability of the smallest of things to offer a spirit of adventure…like the Forbidden Zone, the Ghost Shrimp hunting and the crawfish boil from our recent Texas vacation. We’re home now, but that doesn’t mean the adventure has to end. Many of you won’t “get” this, but I just purchased a Jiffy greenhouse and some plant stakes and am really excited about beginning this year’s gardening adventure.

IMG_2011As much as I LOVE the beach, coming home to find the snow all but gone was incredibly uplifting and now March is upon us…the beginning of meteorological spring. So, I’m gathering my equipment and getting ready for a great gardening season. Just need some seeds now.

Gardening really is an adventure at my house because the cards are definitely stacked against us. We have limited space. We have a myriad of trees which shade nearly every square inch of our lot. We have an abundance of rabbits. And, the squirrels…I can’t even begin to explain how surly and combative they are and how much they LOVE to destroy everything we do outside. From our landscape to our potted plants to our garden and EVEN eating our deck, our hoses and electrical cords. Yes, it’s a battle. But, every spring I accept the challenge again with the renewed hope that this year we will come out on top.

If we had more space, more sun and greater knowledge, I would plant so much more. But since all three of these things are in short supply, we will probably stick mainly with tomatoes and peppers once again. I really, really would like to do at least a few green beans and zucchini though, so I probably will. And, if I can keep the squirrels out of the pots, I will use them for fresh herbs once again. Who knows, maybe we will even experiment with a few other things.

Yep. Call me crazy, but I look at that unopened Jiffy greenhouse and smile at what it represents. I am excited for the coming of spring and the gardening adventure that it will bring. I have my eye on the prize, critters be damned!


2 thoughts on “EYE ON THE PRIZE

  1. We are living the same lives! First, our entire lot is also covered by shade. You look for little micro-climates where the sun might peek through sufficiently to get some bloom! And squirrels, well those little dudes are just big rats with tails…;) Had one eat the cushion of my patio sofa – Go ahead, ask me how much I looooovve squirrels!

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