FORBIDDEN ZONE – Trespassers Will Be Prosecuted


686108749_51165706df_z[1]Having the freedom to spend some time traveling now that we are retired/semi-retired, is allowing us to experience some new things which from time to time will pique our curiosity and offer just a bit of the spirit of adventure, no matter how small. Like these signs we saw posted every few feet on a several mile stretch of Texas highway 287. Suddenly it was like we were being transported into the Twilight Zone. (I’m sorry – I guess you have to be old to understand that reference) But we couldn’t help but wonder what in the heck the Forbidden Zone was. So, of course, I googled it – several times. Never did get a clear answer. I did find one response that indicated there are some massive pigs in there. Another reference mentioned Big Foot but I’m sure that was tongue in cheek. One forum suggested that someone claimed that he knew the secret but was afraid to post it. The best I could determine is that it is some sort of Water District and there is research of some kind being conducted there. But if so, why not put up signs that say water research area. Why Forbidden Zone? So very odd, yet interesting.

Speaking of odd. While walking the beach one day, my sister and I noticed two ladies engaged in, what seemed to us, to be very strange behavior. One had what appeared to be a piece of pvc pipe which she was using to fling sand at the other. And, they weren’t kids. They were every bit as “senior” as we – maybe more. As we got IMG_1966closer I could see that the one with the pipe was sticking it down into the sand and then as she pulled it out she flung sand and water toward the other lady who then bent down and picked something up.  I just couldn’t walk by and not ask, so I questioned them about what they were doing. Turns out, they use this pipe to suck Ghost Shrimp up out of the sand and use them for bait. They offered to let us try it but we declined, knowing how foolish we would look. However, after talking about it and googling it, we decided it might be kind of fun to try – not to mention a source of free IMG_1963bait. So we did. What a crazy scene that was as we attempted to figure out how to suck those things up out of the sand. It’s more difficult than it looks, let me tell you. We all tried our hand at it, with, eventually, some success. But, my son-in-law, Brett, is the one who really got into it. He even drew a crowd of people who, like Susan and I had done, approached him to ask what in the heck he was doing and to watch him do it.

Little things – both of these – but so interesting and so fun.

IMG_1984Yep – retirement is not a time to just sit back and rock. It is a time to get out there and explore – to experience new things. It’s a time to have fun and enjoy life. And that is exactly what we are doing.

BTW – did you know that you can drive and camp on the beaches in Texas?



2 thoughts on “FORBIDDEN ZONE – Trespassers Will Be Prosecuted

  1. I saw those signs yesterday and was told by an educated friend that lives in the area that its very unsafe to be in those areas because of possible flooding – if the powers that be decide to open the gates of the dam at Richland Chambers lake.


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