The Voice Update

sara dIn an update to my post from last week, I have come across some new information regarding Sara Davenport. As you may recall, Sara is a beautiful, spunky young lady who grew up here in Sioux City. A good friend of my son, Matt, Sara was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in January of 2014. Following surgery and months of treatment and recovery, this thirty something was finally able to return to enjoying life to it’s fullest. Then, this past November she discovered a lump on her neck. A biopsy determined that she now has lymphoma.

Sara must now undergo 6 months of heavy chemotherapy, which is already taking its toll.  Sara is a chef and because of the physical nature of her work and the risk of complications to her immune system from a simple cut, her doctors have said she cannot work. So she really needs our help! Friends have set up a fundraising site to help her with the expenses she is rapidly incurring. If you are able and so inclined, here is a link to her page.  And again, prayers are always welcome as well as the simple act of sharing this post to help spread the word.

Now, an update on Becky. Thanks to the generosity of people like you, more than $12,000 has been raised to help this young mother as she makes her way through treatment. The link to her page again is here.

Thanks so much for reading and for caring. And, remember – you can help. Share – share – share.




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