The Voice

blog quote small2I have a couple of stories to share this morning and I truly, truly hope that you will take a couple of moments to read them because they are important to you. You may even know some of the people involved.

In a recent blog post regarding my project to write a book chronicling my cancer journey I said, “I believe that if you’re given a song, you should sing it. If you’re given a story, you should tell it. And, if you’re given a voice, you should use it. I’ll leave the singing to my talented husband, but I do have a story to tell and a voice with which to tell it.”

I realized in the last few days that mine is not the only story that needs to be told. So, while I will continue working on that, in the hope that it will one day be helpful to someone going down that same road, I have decided to use my voice to also share other’s stories as I am made aware of them. It is my hope that in doing so, in some small way, that will be helpful to them. This morning I have two.

The first is about Sara Davenport, a beautiful, spunky young lady who grew up here in Sioux City. A good friend of my son, Matt, Sara was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in January of 2014. Following surgery and months of treatment and recovery, this thirty something was finally able to return to enjoying life to it’s fullest. Then, this past November she discovered a lump on her neck. A biopsy determined that she now has lymphoma.  My heart goes out to her as she begins her second cancer journey.

The second story is about another young lady who grew up in Sioux City…Becky Morehead Anderson. Becky is close friends with Stefenie Miller Wright. Stefenie was a big part of our family, growing up, and good friends with my daughter Kelli. Her friend, Becky, just gave birth to her third child on November 4. Five days later, she was diagnosed with Stage 3 Grade 2 Breast Cancer. After further testing, it was found that the cancer had spread to her bones and the diagnosis was changed to Stage 4. You can read her complete story here.

My hope is that by sharing these stories with my readers, these two young women will feel a ground swell of support and the realization that in spite of all the recent news to the contrary, people are good and that love does abound here in the US. They are both so young. Support comes in many forms…monetary contributions if you are able…lifting them up in prayer if you are so inclined…or just sharing this post to help share their story with others who may also want to help. Social media makes it so easy to share stories and generate support. I hope that you will join me in this effort. It only takes a moment to share. Thanks so much.



4 thoughts on “The Voice

    • Thanks so much for sharing!! Today is Becky’s birthday and it was just announced that an anonymous donor has stepped up and offered to match total donations up to $5,000 on Becky’s YouCaring fundraiser site!! Happy birthday, Becky!!

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