How Big Is My World?

I acquired a new follower yesterday and, as a result of that follow, I discovered her blog. I thought I would share her recent post because it speaks volumes about how I, myself, feel about life. Thanks for sharing wisewoodpigeon.



I work in an environment where I am surrounded by older women. I see in them a variety of opinions, differing lifestyles, patterns of behaviour, and a variety of responses to aging. In some I see a reluctance to embrace new things – whether new technologies, different beliefs or concepts, new ideas, styles & fashions, or a reluctance to accept different cultural and religious perspectives. They are creatures of habit and known habits attract predictability and a sense of surety.

On the other hand, some of my colleagues are much more open to new ideas and technology; will try something new, go to see new movies, try different hairstyles and clothes, try new restaurants and strange food. These women seem more aware of what’s going on around them; the needs of others, their own needs and limitations; are not scared of change; don’t have a tendency to panic; they always attempt…

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