I found my inspiration! I came across these books, today, written by my son, Matt, when he was seven years old. He wanted to write a book, or several books, and JUST DID IT! He was author, illustrator and publisher. Nothing holding him back. He just moved forward and made it happen. Since we are well into October and it will soon be Halloween, I thought I would share one of my favorites with all of you. And, just maybe, in the process, I will also be inspired to JUST DO IT!

How could I not be inspired by the creativity of my seven-year-old son. Enjoy.



2 thoughts on “INSPIRATION

  1. I love it! Reminds me of the books that Kari used to write when she was little. I don’t have them any more – I gave them to her. She wrote two books for me when she was in college – I will have to show them to you. She wrote one when Brian died and the second one after mom died. They are beautiful. When we were visiting them this summer, Michael decided he wanted to write a book and asked Russ and I to help him. He called it “The Nazi Invasion of the Civil War” – how random is that:) I hope you do write – you are good at it. The poems that you wrote after Brian died and after mom died were beautiful!

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