Sitting at my computer and looking out the window of my recently created home office (which has barely gotten any use since I “retired”), I realize that I have not published a new blog post since June 19. It feels like my plans were totally derailed and that took away all of my inspiration and enthusiasm for writing. Today is a perfect example.

Spending days on end hassling with tech support regarding a web site I am working on is DEFINITELY not how I intended to reinvent retirement. It is more like a blast from my past showing up to mock me. Does anyone in tech support EVER admit that a problem may be due to something on THEIR end? Not in the tech support world I have visited.

Just sayin’. I’m thinking it’s about time to move my giant clock and myself into a more creative environment where I belong.



One thought on “Daydreaming

  1. Is there anyone thing about retirement that is like what we were expecting it to be! We were all still going to have maintained our youth, health and energy. Then by now we were gonna be rich and traveling…now I’m falling asleep before the news comes on which now I look forward to seeing…don’t know why as it either depresses me or makes me mad!…oh might I add that I’m referring to the 6:00 news!.. I have become my parents but I remember them having more energy!!!!


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