Wish I Had Thought of This

This post may seem better suited to one of my previous blogs, but I thought it had some validity here as well. This link is to one of the greatest ideas I have seen since my illness.

Los Angeles–based designer Emily McDowell, turned her experience as a cancer patient and survivor into a line of greeting cards she calls Empathy cards. These cards help people to express the words for situations that are just difficult to put into words. They are cards that she would have liked to receive during her illness. I’m pretty sure that Emily is not retired, but this is the type of thing that I would love to pursue as I reinvent my life in retirement. It is a creative outlet for her feelings that offers something that can be a godsend for others going through difficult situations. I really wish I had thought of this.

So, here is a link to a blog post written by Kristin Hohenadel . It is her work, not mine, but it spoke to me so much that I just had to share, Hope you enjoy. And, thanks so much Kelli, for originally sharing it with me.

A Cancer Survivor Designs the Cards She Wishes She’d Received From Friends and Family



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