Walking With Wine?

If you followed my cancer blogs, you are probably familiar with my references to walking with wine, My sister…Lake Enemy Swim…oh, yeah. But, if you’re not, that’s possibly a good thing. However, I heard a cute story this week that made me think both of “walking with wine” and reinventing retirement.

I must admit, I spent some time debating whether or not I should share this…it’s not really my story to share. However, I will not use any names here in order to protect the guilty, so, hopefully it’s OK.

Was talking with a friend about retirement. He was saying that his wife retired several years ago and it is great because neither of them feel that they need to spend every minute together. They also enjoy their own friends and activities. And, he gave me an example that just cracked me up.

His wife has a small group of friends that get together from time to time to enjoy each other’s company. The other day they decided to meet for a drink and a movie. But, here is where the story gets funny, When they finished their drink and headed to the movie, someone smuggled a bottle of wine into the theater. They brought plastic glasses so they wouldn’t clink and sat in the back row. Then, they shared this bottle of wine while watching the movie. Now, THAT gives new meaning to walking with wine. And, definitely reinvents the way some look at retirement. That is like the Golden Girls personified. I don’t know about you, but I just love that story and wanted to share.



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