The Puzzle

A thought occurred to me in the middle of the night. When I leave my job in a couple of months, I am also leaving “my space.” For years, I have spent approximately 50 hours a week in my own office. It is my space, arranged the way I want it, with the tools I need to accomplish a job, etc. I had never really thought about how it would feel to leave that behind.

Years ago, Ken and I shared a home office. It is a nicely arranged room at the front of our home with a desk, a desk chair, a nice, comfortable arm chair, a book case, printer, storage closet, etc. When I started chemotherapy, Ken bought me a new laptop and I immediately got in the habit of curling up on the loveseat and using my computer there. From that day on, I never used that nice home office again. “My space” became a cushion on a loveseat and a computer balanced on my knee.  It was all I needed. Over the years, the office has become Ken’s space, full of chemistry books, etc.

Now, it has occurred to me that I am soon to become a woman without “a space.” Don’t get me wrong. Ken immediately offered to rearrange the office to make “space” for both of us. But, I’m really feeling like I am going to want my own space. He loves to listen to music, watch tv and work at the same time. PLUS, he’s pretty social and like to talk a lot. 🙂  I like solitude and quiet when I’m working.

BUT, we have this big house with only two of us in it – and pretty much every inch of space is already full. So, when I move out of my corporate office, where am I going to find a place for me? That is what we are currently trying to figure out. There are several options, of course, and barring an unexpected opportunity to set up a desk somewhere with an ocean view, we will figure out how to make one of those options work.

It’s a puzzle right now, but Ken moved forward and produced the first piece this week-end.  He went out and bought me a new home computer…a Surface Pro 3. It will eventually be hooked up to a large screen tv monitor so that these tired eyes can see what I’m writing. But that requires a desk and a desk requires a space – which, as I’ve already said. I don’t have. So there you are. But, it’s the FIRST piece in the puzzle. And, you know what else? I have my eye on the second piece. I found a desk chair that I absolutely LOVE.  But, until I have a desk, I don’t need a chair, and until I have a space, there won’t be a desk. So, again, I am unable to see the top of the staircase right now, but I have faith that this is going to turn out just fine. 🙂 Later.IMG_1002my new chair


7 thoughts on “The Puzzle

  1. Want to come share my space at church ??? Everyone else does !!!
    Seriously – explore, dream, buy a funky chair and let things evolve. Oh – and let me know if you need a good ocean picture screensaver for the TV monitor of the Surface Pro 3 … We’ll see what we can come up with.


  2. Love your chair! I laughed when I read about the laptop that you got when you started treatment. Mark bought me one too for treatment but ended up being his laptop! I love your blog as I look forward to retirement too.


  3. You are my soul sister! OMG! We wrote the same post! And I’m pretty sure we’re traveling down very, very similar paths! I even bought the Surface Pro 4 the day it was released…and now guess who takes it with him whenever he leaves town on a project! I’m guessing you two have it fairly well worked out since April, and your funky (AWESOME) chair is right at home at it’s desk?

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