Me and Hillary

So, how ironic is that? Hillary Clinton and I both made official announcements regarding our future plans in the same week! I – that I plan to retire and finally take time to put pen to paper and SHE – to make a second bid for the White House. Hillary and I are the same age, you know…within 4 months of being exactly the same age. So, at first I thought, “WOW! I kinda’ feel like a slacker.” But, NO….NO, NO, NO!

Here’s the deal. “All men should strive to learn before they die What they are running from, and to, and why.” — James Thurber     I am currently participating in a three part learning experience on finding your passion in life. Hillary’s decision is going to place incredible demands on her, physically, mentally and emotionally. There is no way she would be doing this if it were not her passion. She is driven to make this second bid for the Presidency of the United States, not only because she believes that she is the best candidate,



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